sábado, 23 de janeiro de 2010

Silk e desejo

Silk e desejo mesmo!

A oficina do Fabio Gurjão foi uma loucura. Começando pela fila de espera enorme, tivemos que ultrapassar um pouquinho o número de participantes (já promete um segundo zz como campeão de animação e audiência). Depois, quando a oficina começou, todos ficaram insanos serigrafando camisetas. Era tinta pra lá, tinta pra cá, tela de um que ia pro outro para fazer sobreposição de cores, lambança das boas.

Todos começaram se divertindo com as telas do prórpio Fabio e suas estampas incríveis. Depois foi a vez de cada um criar sua próprio desenho direto sobre tela de serigrafia, apenas com a fita crepe para criar as formas.

Terminar é que foi difícil, ninguém queria parar!

Acompanha a animação do povo pelas fotos:

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Anônimo disse...

Alinasi christmas " massive haemorrhage " bought 30 gifts to send family
Zhu Jun of morning paper reporter
Christmas is the festival that Hesperian pays attention to most, to those effectiveness the foreign aids at CBA league matches, outside teach for, everybody does not have opportunity and family to spend happy festival time in all together. Nevertheless, alinasi is a happy that apparently, her cummer before christmas was taking 4 their children to come to Shanghai.
Before contest, as usual is in Alinasi of Zhanmusi [url=http://www.stmarysmumbai.com/jordansforsale.aspx]cheap nikes shoes[/url] of physical ability coach guide next undertaking drawing and shoot a basket practice that wear, although this match he won't come on the stage. Look " imperatorial " the mood perfectly, the person that he knows actively with every is saying " merry christmas " , also can ask the other side how christmas day spends. "He yesterday but busy, run into all day long run, bought gift of 30 communication or parcel received to give a family, have opportunity of football of safe, table, what he buys to me is a jacket, he likes to buy this to me very much, I do not know how he does these. " Laura Gaowen tells Alinasi's cummer morning paper reporter, "Want to know, but this is in exotic an alien land, his person took a leisurely walk to buy so much gift to the family member everywhere so in new city, be too surprizing really! " 2 daughters as it happens of Alinasi also is this day of birthday, can go up too in Shanghai so a festival is more already special sweet.
Of course, alinasi also harvested his gift, cummer fatigue pulled him to buy massager of one build ministry. "Be similar to massage helmet a bit, if what you know, he is a fellow that whats are short of, choose a gift to him so, it is a ten things that ache separately. " Laura's happy trouble is returned not merely these, "Cross him a few days to had wanted birthday again, do not know what to should send really became good... "
Nowadays, christmas has been the festival of Hesperian merely no longer, working to cross the Christmas in the foreigner when, chinese player also can have some of his Xiaoqing to wish. After 81 groups week arrives at Shanghai, wang Zhi mosts to pulling teammate heart to strap black went Pudong the cinema of 800 companion, go enjoying popular recently comedic movie " person again the peaceful Jiong of Jiong road " .
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Anônimo disse...

The Indians are going to have an Albert Belle bobblehead day. And its glorious.
The Indians are going to have an Albert Belle bobblehead day. And it sglorious.
Craig Calcaterra
Feb 14, 2013, 6:38 AM EDT

Albert Belle was widely reviled when he played. He committed all manner of bad acts on and off the field and he really, really pissed off reporters. When he retired, Bill Madden wrote this:
Sorry, there ll be no words of sympathy here for Albert Belle. He was a surly jerk before he got hurt and now he s a hurt surly jerk .He was no credit to the game. Belle s boorish behavior should be remembered by every member of theBaseball Writers Associationwhen it comes time to consider him for theHall of Fame.
It was in 2001, well before Twitter and most blogs, so not many took Madden to task for it, but I m glad to have found it. Makes me think of Belle in a totally different light. I mean, [url=http://wholesalenikeshoes.manifo.com/]wholesale nike shoes[/url] if he got Madden so bent out of shape that he openly admitted in print that writers should punish him in the Hall of Fame voting for not being nice to them, he can t be all bad. Indeed, he should be honored!
Albert Belle will flex his muscles for the Indians one more time.
The club is honoring Belle, once the most menacing hitter in baseball, with a bobblehead night promotion on June 1 against Tampa Bay. The bobblehead of Belle is of him flexing his right arm and pointing at his biceps the pose he famously struck in the 1995 playoffs against Boston. In that series, Red Sox manager Kevin Kennedy asked the umpires to check Belle s bat, believing it was corked.
I love it. Baseball needs to embrace the bad boys more. Maybe not when they re active Belle really was a menace at times but once they re old and aren t doing harm anymore, there s no harm in looking back at guys like Belle while sharing a somewhat relieved and uneasy chuckle about what they were like. Instead, it s leaning more in favor of whitewashing history. A shame really.
Anyway: next bobblehead I want to see is Jason Grimsley crashing through the ceiling of the umpire slocker room, trying to retrieve Belle s corked bat.